Scheduling system
A service that controls and schedules access to the fixed set of computational resources (aka. queuing system, workload manager, resource management system). The current implementation of QCG-PilotJob supports SLURM cluster management and job scheduling system.
A sequential or parallel program with defined resource requirements
Job array
A mechanism that allows to submit a set of jobs with the same resource requirements to the scheduling system at once; commonly used in parameter sweep scenarios
A set of resources allocated by the scheduling system for a specific time period; resources assigned to an allocation are static and do not change in time
QCG-PilotJob Manager
A service started inside a scheduling system allocation that schedules and controls execution of jobs on the same allocation
QCG-PilotJob Manager API
An interface in the form of Python module that provides communication with QCG-PilotJob Manager
Application Controller
A user’s program run as one of jobs inside QCG-PilotJob Manager that, using the QCG-PilotJob Manager API, dynamically submits and synchronizes new jobs