QCG-PilotJob Manager options

The list of all options can be obtained by running either the wrapper command:

$ qcg-pm-service --help

or directly call the Python module:

$ python -m qcg.pilotjob.service –help

Those options can be passed to QCG-PilotJob Manager in batch mode as command line arguments, or as an argument server_args during instantiating the LocalManager class.

The full list of currently supported options is presented below.

$ qcg-pm-service --help
     usage: service.py [-h] [--net] [--net-port NET_PORT]
                                       [--net-pub-port NET_PUB_PORT] [--net-port-min NET_PORT_MIN]
                                       [--net-port-max NET_PORT_MAX] [--file]
                                       [--file-path FILE_PATH] [--wd WD] [--envschema ENVSCHEMA]
                                       [--resources RESOURCES] [--report-format REPORT_FORMAT]
                                       [--report-file REPORT_FILE] [--nodes NODES]
                                       [--log {critical,error,warning,info,debug,notset}]
                                       [--system-core] [--disable-nl] [--show-progress]
                                       [--governor] [--parent PARENT] [--id ID] [--tags TAGS]
                                       [--slurm-partition-nodes SLURM_PARTITION_NODES]
                                       [--slurm-limit-nodes-range-begin SLURM_LIMIT_NODES_RANGE_BEGIN]
                                       [--slurm-limit-nodes-range-end SLURM_LIMIT_NODES_RANGE_END]
                                       [--slurm-resources-file SLURM_RESOURCES_FILE]
                                       [--resume RESUME] [--enable-proc-stats] [--enable-rt-stats]
                                       [--wrapper-rt-stats WRAPPER_RT_STATS]
                                       [--nl-init-timeout NL_INIT_TIMEOUT]
                                       [--nl-ready-treshold NL_READY_TRESHOLD] [--disable-pub]
                                       [--nl-start-method NL_START_METHOD]

     optional arguments:
       -h, --help            show this help message and exit
       --net                 enable network interface
       --net-port NET_PORT   port to listen for network interface (implies --net)
       --net-pub-port NET_PUB_PORT
                                                     port to publish events (implies --net)
       --net-port-min NET_PORT_MIN
                                                     minimum port range to listen for network interface if
                                                     exact port number is not defined (implies --net)
       --net-port-max NET_PORT_MAX
                                                     maximum port range to listen for network interface if
                                                     exact port number is not defined (implies --net)
       --file                enable file interface
       --file-path FILE_PATH
                                                     path to the request file (implies --file)
       --wd WD               working directory for the service
       --envschema ENVSCHEMA
                                                     job environment schema [auto|slurm]
       --resources RESOURCES
                                                     source of information about available resources
                                                     [auto|slurm|local] as well as a method of job
                                                     execution (through local processes or as a Slurm sub
       --report-format REPORT_FORMAT
                                                     format of job report file [text|json]
       --report-file REPORT_FILE
                                                     name of the job report file
       --nodes NODES         configuration of available resources (implies
                                                     --resources local)
       --log {critical,error,warning,info,debug,notset}
                                                     log level
       --system-core         reserve one of the core for the QCG-PJM
       --disable-nl          disable custom launching method
       --show-progress       print information about executing tasks
       --governor            run manager in the governor mode, where jobs will be
                                                     scheduled to execute to the dependant managers
       --parent PARENT       address of the parent manager, current instance will
                                                     receive jobs from the parent manaqger
       --id ID               optional manager instance identifier - will be
                                                     generated automatically when not defined
       --tags TAGS           optional manager instance tags separated by commas
       --slurm-partition-nodes SLURM_PARTITION_NODES
                                                     split Slurm allocation by given number of nodes, where
                                                     each group will be controlled by separate manager
                                                     (implies --governor)
       --slurm-limit-nodes-range-begin SLURM_LIMIT_NODES_RANGE_BEGIN
                                                     limit Slurm allocation to specified range of nodes
                                                     (starting node)
       --slurm-limit-nodes-range-end SLURM_LIMIT_NODES_RANGE_END
                                                     limit Slurm allocation to specified range of nodes
                                                     (ending node)
       --slurm-resources-file SLURM_RESOURCES_FILE
                                                     path to the file with slurm resources description
       --resume RESUME       path to the QCG-PilotJob working directory to resume
       --enable-proc-stats   gather information about launched processes from
       --enable-rt-stats     gather exact start & stop information of launched
       --wrapper-rt-stats WRAPPER_RT_STATS
                                                     exact start & stop information wrapper path
       --nl-init-timeout NL_INIT_TIMEOUT
                                                     node launcher init timeout (s)
       --nl-ready-treshold NL_READY_TRESHOLD
                                                     percent (0.0-1.0) of node launchers registered when
                                                     computations should start
       --disable-pub         disable status publisher interface
       --nl-start-method NL_START_METHOD
                                                     method to start node launchers (ssh,slurm - default)