qcg.pilotjob.launcher.rtstats module

class qcg.pilotjob.launcher.rtstats.RunTimeStats(pipe_path)

Bases: object

The run-time statistics of launched processes. With use of wrapper application, this class will register the start and finish moments of launched application (w/o delays and overheads provided by the asyncio and QCG-PilotJob workload). The mechanism of gathering runtime statistics is following:

  • the unix named pipe is used to communicate with wrappers (single pipe globally for all processes)
  • the path to the pipe is passed to the wrapper where the start & stop moment should be written
  • in the mean time, this class reads the pipe for any statistics and gathers them

To stop gathering the metrics, the line with FINISH string should be placed in the pipe.

Type:dict(str, dict())

Read the pipe for any metrics until FINISH string appear.