qcg.pilotjob.parseres module


Return available resources according to environment.

Function returns available resources according to specified information source. The user may specify in configuration (resources configuration parameter) the information source. This parameter can take values:

  • auto (default one) - automatically detect the source of information
  • local - detect information about number of nodes and cores from configuration parameters, and if they are not
    defined, detect local system number of cores (no remote nodes will be available)
  • slurm - detect Slurm allocation resources
Automatic detection of source of information checks (in following order):
  • QCG-PilotJob parameters for resource definition
  • Slurm allocation environment
  • information about local system cores
Parameters:config (dict) – QCG-PilotJob configuration
Returns:available resources information
Return type:Resources
Raises:ValueError – for unknown value of resources configuration parameter value